May 20, 2016
Ok, first of all, I loved the packaging. I consider myself a bit of a ribbon snob and I was delighted with the crisp, white box and the red polka dotted ribbon. That was until I opened the box and saw the polka dotted tissue paper inside!  It just made the the whole experience of getting these earrings that much more delightful. Then I had this awful moment of panic when I realized I wear eyeglasses, what a mistake, they’ll never work. Gratefully, they worked and I love them! I’ll be back!
Ann Stratton
May 18, 2016
I really like the fun ribbon and the earrings are splendid.  The blue pin is
perfect.  Thank you very much!!!
Inez Taylor
Dear Arlene,
My beautiful Thrush (Takahashi Designer Bird Brooch, male thrush), has arrived and I am so pleased with him!! I have two other thrushes, but he is the most vibrant, I think one of mine is a female, but it is so hard to tell. I hope we meet again,  
Best Regards and Thank you.  Doran
April 16, 2016
Your/my beautiful butterfly (Alice Caviness Designed Sterling, Enamel and Marcasite Butterfly Brooch) has landed today on my front porch! I just love it. Please feel free to contact me if you have something you think I might like in the future. Best of luck on the new website. I paid for the Juliana pieces on Ruby Lane today too.  Ann
Dear Arlene,
Thank you for a quick post update.
I am so glad to have a male thrush (Takahashi Designer Bird Brooch, male thrush), I have a female and I am trying to make pairs of these lovely birds.
Regards,  Doran
03-23 -16
I received my lovely bracelet today ( Juliana Designer Emerald and Crystal Aurora Rhinestone Bracelet) and I love it! I hope we can do business again!  Ann Stratton

Hello Arlene,
The garnet bracelet arrived safely this morning. It is so lovely and will go with many of
my other pieces of jewelry.  Best,  Nancy

Hi Arlene,
I just received the bracelet and it is even more beautiful up close. I love it and will most definitely be browsing your shop again.  Best,  Nancy

Hi Arlene,
I received the Louvic watch, and the wife loves it!  Thanks, Mark

Hi Arlene,
The beautiful, gorgeous Juliana cross has arrived safely. It is
a stunner. My favorite color combination of the D & E crosses.
I have admired it for a long time. I am lucky it waited for me.
Thanks again, Nancy

Hi Arlene,
Just a quick note to let you know the penguin pin (Trifari Sterling Vermeil Jelly Belly Brooch) arrived. Thanks so much for the generous discount and quick shipping. I’m very happy with my purchase.
All the best, Sharon

Hi Arlene,
Greetings from sunny Melbourne!!
I just received your parcel and l am OVER THE MOON with delight, the locket necklace (Victorian Mesh Watch Chain Necklace with Large Locket) is simply perfect and l love it so much. I will always remember you when l wear it as you have been so wonderful to me. There is no worry about
me browsing your store in the future, l will do so often and you will be hearing from me again very soon.
Thank you so much, you have made me one very happy and satisfied customer indeed.
Hope you have a lovely day. Kind regards, Jenny :D

So sorry to be so behind in getting to you. Yes, the watch chain (Victorian Very Large Unusual Watch Chain) arrived, and my Valentine loves it! Thank you so much, Pam

The brooch (Trifari Designer Signed Trembling Orchid Brooch) arrived and it is wonderful.
Many Thanks, Dan

Hi, Arlene~ The vauxhall brooch (Vauxhall Glass Ruby Red Brooch) just arrived and I am thrilled! It is even more beautiful than expected. Thank you again and Happy New Year to you! ~Laurie

Hi again Arlene,
Just after replying to your email I went to check the mail & there was my bracelet (Victorian Revival Mesh Bracelet with Large Applied Decoration)! It is lovely and all you described & more.
Many thanks & best wishes for the holiday season.  Lynette

Not a question at all, just a big happy thank you- the brooch (Juliana Jonquil Diamond Shaped Stones Brooch) arrived today, safe and sound, and it is a beauty- very subtle color.  Elizabeth

Hi Arlene,
The necklace (Schreiner Designer Emerald Green Rhinestones Collar Necklace) is wonderful.
Many Thanks,  Dan

Received the jelly belly (Trifari Sterling Signed Norman Bel Geddes Designed Sailfish Jelly Belly Fur Clip), I absolutely love it!  Jackie

Hi, Arlene: I just wanted to let you know that the Schreiner ruffle pin arrived today, and it is absolutely stunning, what a gorgeous color combination! I actually gasped when I first saw it! Thank you very much for packing it so well so that it arrived in perfect condition! Thanks again, Arlene!  My Best,  Nan

The beautiful little bird brooch (Takahashi Bird Brooch) has arrived safely – THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I will wear it with pleasure!  Myra

Hi Arlene,
I received this beautiful set today (Sherman Designer Signed Pink Navette Rhinestones Demi). Thank you, it looks fabulous!  Have a great day!  Kim

Dear Arlene,
Yes, it (Victorian Scottish Agate Battle-Ax Brooch) arrived safely and meets my expectations. It has been a pleasant transaction.  Best Regards John

Hi Arlene,
Just a note that the Tiffany pieces arrivied today. It’s been great working with you. If you ever receive any other Tiffany pieces please keep me in mind. Thanks again.  Regards,  Jim

Hi Arlene, I just received my deco red and white rhinestone
bracelet and absolutely LOVE it – thank you so much! I hope to
come shopping in your store again soon :-) Kind Regards, Gwen

Dear Arlene-
I am so fortunate to be the new owner of this stunningly
beautiful Victorian Scottish brooch. Thank you so much. I am
beyond pleased with it! Many thanks for your responsive
communication, the secure packing and quick
shipping and, most of all, your parting with it. It has a good
new home with me.  With appreciation and all best regards,  Holly McDonald

Hi Arlene,
I received this sweet little butterfly (Victorian Bohemian Garnet Sterling Vermeil Butterfly Brooch). I love the size and texture of the piece. Thank you so much for everything.
Kindest Regards,  Carol

Hi Arlene,
The Trifari jelly belly pig brooch arrived. Love it!
Thanks so much for the discount and quick shipping.
All the best,  Sharon

Hi Arlene,
I did receive the necklace (Czech Unusual Shaped Fuschia Stones Necklace). It is in fabulous condition! I just love it!  Thanks,  Brenda

Hello Arlene,
The beautiful necklace (Very Unusual Czech Glass Stones Necklace) arrived here with no problems and I am very well pleased with it! It is a great addition to my collection!  Many thanks,  Paula

Hi, Arlene~ The earrings (Deco Sterling, Natural Lapis and Marcasite Earrings) arrived today and they’re fabulous!  Thanks very much!   Laurie

This arrived (Very Large Silver Plated Oriental Motif Charm Bracelet),and I LOVE IT! Thanks so much, Arlene.  Denise

Hi, Just a quick note to let you know the little purse (German Silver Dance Purse) arrived
safe and sound. Thank you so much!   Eli

Hello, Arlene…..I received the bracelet (Paris Sterling Souvenir Bracelet) safely. Thank you for
packing it so well. It is a beauty! I am so pleased! I’m sure it will receive many
years of wear as it is so comfortable. Thank you.  Marie

Hi Arlene. I received the Reja brooch (Reja Sterling Signed Fierce Lion Brooch) and love it! Thanks C

Yes it (Art Nouveau Enamel Butterfly and Flowers Motif Sash Pin) did and you were right :) It IS lovely! Thank you,  Robin

Hi Linda, Just a note to ask if your lovely bracelet (Art Nouveau/Art Deco Transitional Sterling & Marcasite Bracelet) arrived safely; so that i may close out your purchase order.
Thanks, Arlene
It did and it is lovely. Thank you!  Linda

Hi Arlene,
I just wanted to let you know that my lovely brooch (Juliana Ice Blue and Clear Aurora Snowflake Design Brooch) arrived safe and sound.  Thanks,   June

Hi Arlene, Many thanks for my lovely bracelet (Vintage Gold Filled Bracelet)
Cheers,Pearl (Australia)

Dear Arlene, Yes it did. It is lovely (Victorian Wings Set with Persian Turquoise Scarab and Cabochons Brooch)!! Thank you so much! Happy new year!  Sincerely,  Elizabeth

It made it (Swoboda Carved Jade and Coral Floral Brooch)….love it.  thank you  towanda

Hello from Athens, it is just came (Eisenberg Original Designer Signed Dress Clip) and it is a m a z i n g, thank you very very much, many greetings from Greece and Happy Holidays,  Mina

I received the brooch today (Coro Craft Sterling Designer Signed Flower Brooch). It’s beautiful and I’m wearing it tomorrow.  Sharon Roberts

Thank you – I really like the brooch (Victorian Scottish Agate Brooch).  Judith Walsh

Hi, Arlene~ I’m very pleased with these earrings (Czech Glass Deco Earrings), thank you!  Laurie

Hello Arlene, this is just to let you know I’ve picked up this lovely set (David Anderson Designer Signed Blue Enamel Demi) today from my local sorting office. As I had suspected there was a customs duty to pay and hence the reason for the
delay. Thank you so much for this lovely set. Regards,  Cris

Thank you so much. The pins (Weiss Designer Signed Six Candle and Five Candle Christmas Tree Broochs) arrived safely and they are lovely.  Colette Hannigan

Arlene, the necklace (Juliana Ice Blue and Clear Aurora Necklace) arrived this week and it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much!  Wayne ;-0

I love these 2 beautiful items (Coro Duette Trembling Camellias Brooch and Boucher Hugh Phoenix Bird Brooch) and thank you for making a refund to me for the over charged shipping.
Hi, I already received these 2 beautiful items. So happy~Thank you very much.  Hoo

Hi, Alrene
Very satisfied with purchase (Saphiret Set Pendant on Gold Filled Chain).
Thank you so much.  With my best regards,  Junko NAITO

The pin came, (Ciner Sterling Signed Bird Figural Brooch) and it is lovely. Please keep me in mind for other Ciner pieces. Thanks. Regards,  Emily

Hi Arlene: we are preparing a book, hope you can see her (RARE Staret Designer Signed Enamel & Rhinestone Fish Brooch) again in the book.  Sincerely  David

Dear Arlene:
The fish (RARE Staret Designer Signed Enamel & Rhinestone Fish Brooch) swam home safely! Thank you very much, keep in touch.  Sincerely,  David

Good Morning Arlene-
Thank You for your help. I have paid you via PayPal. I collect Vintage Character Memorabilia and the brooch (RARE Frank Buck “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” Designer Signed Nodder Hippopotamus Brooch) will look great with my other Frank Buck items.  Sincerely,  Phil

I don’t know if I emailed you yet or not but Thank you for the
compact! Thank you so much! She loved it!!
I got my compact (Unusual Silver Chatelaine Compact) on Saturday like you said!!! Thank you so much! My gf loves it and I do as well. Great great great seller! I will
check back often on your site!!

I received my Cameo in the mail. I think it’s beautiful. Thank you. I will continue to visit your site to see what’s new.  Judy Frasca

Hi Arlene,
Just to let you know my beautiful bracelet (David Anderson Sterling Designer Signed Enamelled Bracelet) arrived and I love it. Many thanks.  Ann

Hi, Arlene~ I LOVE THIS AMAZING BUCKLE! (Large Celluloid and Bright Rhinestones with Painted Gilt Decorations Belt Buckle). So beautiful, such great colors, so unusual– I’ll have to find a creative way to wear it.  Thanks for the speedy shipping, too.  Kind regards,  Laurie

I received my beautiful “sparkle bangle”(Celluloid Rhinestone Set Bangle in Rare Aqua Color). It is really beautiful and in very good condition. LOVE IT!  Thank You   Marikita

Gorgeous set (Boucher Designer Signed Demi of Brooch and Earrings) arrived today and it is just amazing! I can see this with my royal blue dress for New Years…thanks so much!   Judith

Hi Arlene, I rec’d the Juliana Rivoli earrings today and they are
lovely. I bought the bib necklace at the conference in RI this
October so it’s very nice to have them. I hate not having
matching earrings. It was my first conference and we had a blast.
Hope to see you there one day.   Barbara in Canada

Hi Arlene, The pearls (Graduated 20 1/2” String of Pearls with 10K White Gold Clasp) are very lovely and I really like the length. Thank you.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Becky

Hi Arlene,
Just wanted to let you know that the beautiful little bird ( Takahashi Bird Pin) came today. He arrived safely and is settled into his new nest! I love those little birds! The are just beautiful! I can’t imagine how they made them during WWII while in the camps….just out of scraps and pieces. Such amazing talent! I have several and am always excited to find one I didn’t have. Thanks so much for the great listing.  Again, thanks so much!   Susie Krogh

Received the necklace (Cherry Amber Faceted Beads Necklace). It is lovely.  Thanks,  Harry

Hi Arlene!
I received the GORGEOUS necklace yesterday (Kenneth J. Lane (KJL) Designer Signed Necklace) – and I am delighted! It is a great addition to my sea/ocean themed vintage collection (within my collection!:))  Thanks again!   Cynthia

I received the pin (Alice Caviness Designer Signed Faux Pearls, Aurora Beads and Rhinestones Brooch) yesterday safely. It is sooooo beautiful and I love it!!! Thank you so much!!  Regards, Maki

Hello Arlene,
Yes I got it! (Saphiret and Sapphire Aurora Rhinestones Demi) It is so beautiful! The set literally glows! I have the matching brooch so I am displaying them together.  Thank you again,  Bonnie

Got my bracelet today (1930’s Pot Metal and Fruit Salad Leaves Bracelet), thank you so much! It is beautiful.  Tracy

Dear Arlene,
I received my Kenneth Jay Lane Caterpillar brooch and I really
love it and my mom loves it too. It is really beautiful and
colorful and a nice size, a real eye catcher.
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you,   Gina Reagan

Hi, the earrings (Round Cabochon Dragon’s Breath Stone Earrings) arrived today and are so lovely as described.  Thank you so much,  Laurie

Dear Arlene,
How are you? I just wanted to let you know I received the sash pin and I love it! Thank you so very much for your great service and communication. I appreciate it. I will visit your shops often.
Very truly yours,  Nadia

Hi, just to let you know that I received this set (Vintage Mexican Signed Sterling Enameled Parure) and it is BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you,  Teresa


Hi Arlene!
I received the bracelet and I love it! It’s beautiful! Thank you so much.  Shawna

Got this (Juliana Necklace). It’s more beautiful in person! My 2nd Juliana piece! I checked out your other site (Pot-of-Gold on Ruby Plaza)… what’s the difference brtween the 2 sites? Hope to buy more beautiful Juliana pieces soon!  Angela

Hi Arlene,
Just a quick note to let you know that your parcel just arrived. The pendant is lovely ! Rest assured that it has found a good home :)
Hi Arlene,
I too marvel at the exquisite craftmanship of such a little piece, I shall treasure it :)
Thank you for your explanation and for your excellent customer service!
Kind regards, Myriam

Hi, Arlene!
I received my bracelet in today’s mail and it is indeed lovely. So nice to have something unlike any other native American jewelry I have. Thank you for your fine service. I will check
out Rainbow’s End on Ruby Lane since I mainly shop there.  Kind regards from  Poodie

Hi Arlene,
It’s Beautiful!!!! (Eisenberg Ice Designer Signed Brooch). Thank you so much.
Is there somewhere that I am supposed to leave feedback or anything?  Thank You,
Debi Davis

I received the brooch (Sterling with Gold Trim Dragonfly Brooch) today and it is quite lovely.
Thank you!   Sam

(Gold Tone Acorns & Leaves Motif Demi) received! And so beautiful!
Thank you so much arlene!  Bettina (Germany)

1950’s Crystal Rhinestones Unusual Bracelet. I just cannot get over what a stunning unique design this bracelet is – thanks!!! Cannot stop staring at it!  Cathy

Hello Arlene,
Yes, the brooch arrived last week and it is absolutely STUNNING (Victorian Sterling with Natural Gem Stones Brooch)! It exceeded my expectations in every way! I thought you’d like to know that I was determined to find a hallmark on it – as it’s such a high quality piece – and the black and white enamel had led me to believe it might be French. Well, after a huge amount of searching with my loupe I finally found a set of three hallmarks on the pin-stem. After some research I discovered that these are the hallmarks for Birks and Sons, Montreal – the “Tiffany’s of Canada” – and they date the brooch to 1880. Hence the French-style enamel! Anyway I love the piece and it will take place of pride in my modest Victorian collection.  Charlotte

Hi Arlene:
I received my bracelet (Deco Signed Sterling Bangle Bracelet) today and I am very happy with it. It’s a lovely piece in very good condition. Thank you for the great service–I’ll be back at your site soon! Best wishes,  Evelyn  Bird on a Wire